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Shooting stock photos – Michigan Football Youth Day!

Had lots of fun last week-end shooting photos of UM football players at the University’s Football Youth Day open house! How I prepared: – I checked into permission to take photos, since it took place inside the stadium. I sent an email to their media relations person, asking for permission using the text Shutterstock likes … Continue reading

Shooting stock photos – Outside major soccer game

Apologies for the delay in posting, I decided to change my process to post after I’ve heard from Shutterstock so that I can let you know in the same post how successful I was, then I had a bit of a carpal tunnel issue with my right hand, so I took it easy processing photos … Continue reading

From Shutterstock – Protecting Your Content

Shutterstock has just published an excellent guide to protecting your intellectual content. They address: Copyright Licensing Trademarks Releases Editorial images A great way to quickly get up to speed on these terms and protect your intellectual content. Download your copy here

Shooting stock photos – around Ann Arbor

This week I had some time to take a few stock photos around Ann Arbor. I have a long list of possible photos I think would be good to take, so when I have some time I can check my list and see what I feel like taking. This week I focused on some companies … Continue reading

Shooting stock photos – Roller Derby game!

Last Friday I attended an event I’ve wanted to attend for a long time, Roller Derby! The Ann Arbor Derby Dimes are a terrific organization that fields three roller derby teams. Last Friday they had a meet with two matches. Here’s what I did to prepare for the event: – Read the organization website to … Continue reading

Shooting stock photos – Detroit solo photo day

Had a great day in Detroit Sunday, spent much of the afternoon taking photos. Here’s what I did: To prepare I saw what photos already existed, looked through Things To Do in Detroit, and through FourSquare found this great list of Historic Areas of Detroit. I also looked up companies with headquarters in Detroit and … Continue reading

From Shutterstock – Things to keep in mind when shooting stock

Shutterstock’s blog has a great infographic of things to keep in mind when shooting photography for commercial purposes. They address copyright, trademark, editorial, releases, and credentials, and end with a checklist, and an option to download a guide to protecting your content. Check it out here

Shooting stock photos – 4th of July parade

Shot stock photos at Ypsilanti’s 4th of July parade, I just love 4th of July parades, I get all sorts of emotional and patriotic…  Here’s what I did right and what I’ll do differently next time: – I researched the parade route, figured out a good place to park, got there early, played with camera settings. … Continue reading

Shooting stock photos – family vacations

Recently I wrote up a post about on shooting stock photos while on a business trip. For a family vacation the preparation might be the same, but execution is quite different for me. I recently had a week-end “Up North” in the northeast part of Michigan, including a day at Mackinac Island, with my boyfriend. … Continue reading

Shooting stock photos – business trip to Indianapolis

I traveled to Indianapolis on a business trip and took advantage to take some stock photos. Steps I took to prepare: – Made sure my equipment was ready – Camera lens clean, battery and back up batteries charged, lots of space in the memory cards – Searched for stock photos of Indianapolis – It was … Continue reading

Need Help with your Macro or Business? Get Mike Moats’ e-books

Originally posted on Mike Moats:
Daily Macro View ____________________________________________________________________ Need help improving your macro skills, or looking to make a little money with your photography, check out my e-books. ? Creating Art With Macro – $14.95 click here ? 70 Tips for Making Money as a Nature Photographer – $4.99 click here ___________________________________________________________________

My workflow for editorial photos of classic car shows

Just submitted some editorial photos of some classic cars to Shutterstock, thought I’d share my workflow. You can see my classic car show photos here. Taking the photograph is of course the most important part. For classic car show photos, such as this one from last summer’s Woodward Dream Cruise: I can easily spend 15 … Continue reading

Becoming a small business person

So I had been going along making some money with my photography hobby, then a bit more, enough to buy new equipment, and of course I was paying taxes on that money, but was not keeping track of expenses. I also decided to put in a proposal for the gifts of art program at UM, … Continue reading

Getting business cards

I have found having business cards to be very helpful as a stock photographer. My latest version has one of my photos as the background, the URL for this blog, my Shutterstock portfolio address, and my email address, which I’ve obscured in this photo: They’re useful to have when I’m photographing an event, so I … Continue reading

Uploading your photos to stock photo websites

When you first get start you might not be comfortable with accessing your photography information, so you’ll probably upload your jpeg photo through the website’s photo loader and then enter the description, title, key words, etc. through the stock photo website itself – at least that’s how I started. As I got more comfortable I … Continue reading

Beware of copyrights and trademarks

When you shoot a non-editorial stock photo you have to be very careful to not have any copyrighted or trademarked objects in your photos. That means no logos on clothes, no easily identifiable copyrighted buildings. I was going to write more about copyright but I noticed this great entry at Media Bakery Design that does … Continue reading

Learning from stock photo websites’ recommendations for contributors

Another great way to get a better sense of the expectations of stock photography sites is to check their suggestions for contributions. In Stock Photo Submission and Tutorial Pages I have an entry for each stock photo site I’m on, and within each entry I have link to that website’s suggestions for contributors. Read them … Continue reading

Getting model and property releases

Most of the most popular stock photos have people in them. You must have a model release for all identifiable people in your photos, unless you take an editorial photo. I by identifiable they pretty much mean that if there is a person they must have signed a model release… You can find sample model … Continue reading

Getting focus at 100% magnification

When I first started taking photographs the idea of having photos in focus at 100% magnification seemed impossible – but clearly it’s possible now… :) Some suggestions: To check whether your photo is in focus at 100% in iPhoto, view your photo full screen and press “1” – it will magnify your photograph to 100%, … Continue reading

Adding keywords to your photos

So you have this awesome photos, how are buyers going to find them? Keywords are the words that buyers enter into the search field to find the photos they seek. You want to capture every reason a buyer might want your photo. For example for this photo of a middle aged woman in despair there … Continue reading

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