Adding keywords to your photos

So you have this awesome photos, how are buyers going to find them? Keywords are the words that buyers enter into the search field to find the photos they seek. You want to capture every reason a buyer might want your photo. For example for this photo of a middle aged woman in despair

there are many reasons a buyer might want it. If you check the keywords, they include:

woman, older, gray, hair, pain, sad, upset, sadness, aged, natural, white, middle-aged, failure, loss, frustration, adult, stress, middle, depressed, solitude, grief, forties, fifties, people, caucasian, female, distraught, anxiety, unhappy, depression, emotion, lonely, hispanic, face, problem, person, senior, outdoors, mature, loneliness, desperation, despaired, worried, fresh, single, alone

You want to have keywords that literally describe the photo, but also the emotions in it, and other related keywords.

Luckily Shutterstock has an outstanding Keywords Suggestions application that makes it easy to get additional ideas for your keywords. Simply enter some initial keywords, then click on the photos that are most similar to yours, and it will generate possible keywords for you!

Where do you enter the keywords? If you have a photo editing program you can access the photo information, with space to enter the keywords. Otherwise you can enter the information as you submit your photo. The sooner you get comfortable accessing the photo information the better, saves you load of time if you submit to multiple websites to have the keywords automatically load up along with your photo.


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