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Shooting stock photos – 4th of July Parade in Ypsilanti

Had a great time taking photos at the Ypsilanti Fourth of July parade Wednesday, shooting photos both for stock photo sites and to share with the community. Some things I’m happy I did: I got there half an hour before the parade started, tested out some shots, noticed things I wanted to include (such as … Continue reading

Shooting stock photos – Roller Derby again!

(A special note for the folks I know through the University of Michigan: I’m a photographer in my other life and realized a few months ago that LinkedIn rules state you can only have one LinkedIn page, so I had to merge my UM and photography pages, so expect some photo related entries when I … Continue reading

Impostor syndrome rears its head again…

In my day job I often do workshops on Impostor Syndrome, where you don’t think you are good enough, you’re a fraud, and you are going to be found out. I recently had something happen with my photography that I will be able to use as an example in future workshops, thought I’d share it … Continue reading

Shooting stock photos – France 2016

Finally processed the photos I took on a trip to France last summer, yey… I had a few days on my own first, where I visited Giverny and Monet’s house and garden, then had a bit more than a week with my boyfriend, mostly in Paris but also a day trip to Normandy and Omaha Beach … Continue reading

Shooting stock photos – Woman’s March in January 2017

Still catching up on old shooting adventures.  In January I participated in and took photos at the Women’s March in Ann Arbor, MI. I learned from past such occasions to get both long, medium and short range shots: I also have more confidence now to get in front with the other photographers and get close … Continue reading

From Digital Photography School – Composition in Travel Photos

From Digital Photography School, another National Geographic photographer, Bob Holmes, shares composition tips. They include Knowing your equipment inside out, so it doesn’t get in the way of your photography Developing and educating your eye Finding the “punctuation” in a photograph Seeking strong colors, geometry Injecting excitement and interest Taking responsibility for everything that is in … Continue reading

From Picture Correct and B&H – Nature Photography Tips from a National Geographic Photographer

Many of us dream of becoming a National Geographic  photographer..  Picture Correct recently posted a video of a B&H sponsored session by photographer Michael Melford, where he describes some of his travels and experiences.  Definitely worth the time! Catch it here. You can access other B&H-sponsored videos about composition and technique in photography here there are many worthwhile ones! … Continue reading

From Picture Correct – 28 Genius Photoshop Tricks

From Picture Correct, a bunch (28!) of really great photoshop tricks. I knew a few but I know I’m going to want to remember these: Quickly whiten teeth Merge all layers to new layer The rotate view tool Change layer opacity hotkey Choose layers trick Move layers trick Change unit of measure Undo more steps … Continue reading

From Digital Photography School – Best of 2015 Beginners Photography Tips

From Digital Photography a great compilation of their best guides to photography, including:   7 Incredible Tips for Beginner Photographers Next Level Techniques for Advanced Beginners A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Shooting Mode Post-Processing Tips for Beginners Mastering the Exposure Triangle for Newbies 5 Tips for Newbie Landscape Photographers 4 Mistakes New Photographers Make and … Continue reading

From Light Stalking – 14 Practical Reasons Your Photos Are Not Quite As Good As You Want Them To Be

Ritesh Saini has a great article in Light Stalking titled 14 Practical Reasons Your Photos Are Not Quite As Good As You Want Them To Be You don’t pay attention to the composition You don’t know the basics of exposure You don’t experiment with the perspective You don’t understand how lighting affects a photograph You don’t … Continue reading

From Picture Correct – 10 Wildlife Photography Tips for Fall

Picture Correct has 10 Wildlife Photography Tips for Fall , including: Catch the early morning and late afternoon light Drop to eye level Watch your background Never follow an animal To get closer, look distracted Outsmart the wind Shoot on continuous mode Make your buffer last longer Use AF point for composition Use the center AF … Continue reading

Milestone – Article based on stock travel photography in Iceland to be published in Digital Photography School!

So back in June I went to Iceland, had a wonderful time… I participated in the GREEN Energy Program then spent a few extra days driving around and taking photos of anything I wanted to, glorious time.  I didn’t write my usual tips article based on my experience for this blog because I proposed an article about stock … Continue reading

Photography equipment – Op/tech Utility Strap – Sling

I realized I wrote this up in the August end of month update, but I also wanted to give it its own entry so it’ll be easier for others to find it. If you end up getting a neck-ache from your camera strap after a long day of photography, I strongly encourage you to invest … Continue reading

From DPS – The 4 Ps – Tips for Improving Your Wildlife Photography

Digital Photography School had a great entry with suggestions on improving your wildlife photography. 1. Preparation – learn about your subject, and your camera, check the weather. 2. Practice – With great “keep in mind” suggestions specific to wildlife photography 3. Perseverance – Take your time and stay quiet 4. Passion – Appreciate and care … Continue reading

From Picture Correct – 9 Essential Compositions Rules for New Photographers

So I’m remembering why I don’t do much photography done during the school year, I always forget how long the weeks are! BUT…  I got this great link to some composition ideas – some of the usual ones but also some new ones that I know I’ll want to remember: 1. Rule of thirds 2. … Continue reading

From Lynford Morton – Nine ways to find more time to take photos

This is one I need to heed myself, as I’ve been having a hard time fitting photography in with the other things going on in my life this month… Lynford Morton writes in Shutterbug Life with some suggestions to find more time to take photos: 1. Schedule smaller chunks of time 2. Build it into … Continue reading

From DPS – 10 Ways to Improve Your Travel Photography

Gavin Hardcastle has some great travel photography suggestions in this DPS article  Suggestions include: 1. Focus on faces 2. Shoot fast 3. Learn the lingo 4. Hire a translator 5. Smile and make friends 6. Ask for permission 7. Choose the right lenses 8. Carry two cameras 9. Step out of your comfort zone 10. Take responsibility for … Continue reading

From DPS – 7 Tips and Etiquette for Taking Portraits in Public

Mujahid Urrehman gives some great suggestions in 7 Tips and Etiquette for Taking Portraits in Public.  Interesting comments enrich the conversation. The tips include: 1. Show your presence 2. Engage 3. Ask permission 4. Remember people 5. Show the results and make people feel good about themselves 6. Respect their possessions 7. Say goodbye and inform them … Continue reading

From DPS – Digital Photography Tips for Beginners

Digital Photography School has a great set of tips for beginners along the categories of: Basics of exposure Learning to Use Digital Camera Settings and Features Handling and Caring for a Digital Camera Other Beginner Photography Tutorials and Tips Common Digital Photography Problems and Questions Answered I have found their short tips to be very useful, … Continue reading

From Digital Camera World – 7 Ways to Make Precise Selections in Photoshop

I recently read this great article in Digital Camera World titled 7 ways to make precise selections in Photoshop. It goes into detail into these 7 techniques: 01 Quick Selection 02 Refine Edge 03 Channel selections 04 Color Range 05 Handy shortcuts 06 Marquee tool tips 07 Select Focus Area Click here  to access the article – definitely … Continue reading

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