Current stock photo submission websites

I noticed in preparing for my talk about stock photography on October 16 that some of the contributor links in the older articles are out of date, so I’ve included all current contributor links below, with my biggest sellers in bold:

The Shutterstock include a referral code, which means that if you get in I get a small fee for the first few photos you sell. It doesn’t come out of your money, it’s an extra thank you to me for having referred you. I appreciate the support!

Accepted by Pond5 stock photo site!

I recently learned of Pond5, a stock site that used to be videos but started accepting photos, so I thought I’d give them a shot.  I submitted some sample photos, including my best photos from Shutterstock and my favorite Detroit photos, and I was delighted to learn that all the photos were accepted!  You can find the portfolio at

Pond5 first set 2018

We’ll see how they do, just excited to check out a new site…

Best wishes on your photography adventures,


iStockphoto submission page and training manual

It took me years of trying before I finally got into iStockphoto, but it was definitely worth it! They currently make up 28 % of my monthly sales.

Read their training manual very carefully and heed it. Then get inspired by their most downloaded photos. I wrote “inspired” on purpose, don’t be intimidated, everyone started out not knowing how to do this, and take one step at a time…

Be very careful about the photos you submit. If you don’t get in at first they might make you wait a month to try again, and if that doesn’t work, the wait to try again could be a year! I got two year-long waits before I got in! After that just about all the photos that got into Shutterstock got into iStockphoto. iStockphoto also generates lots of sales from their partner pages, which just boosts your income, awesome.

When you are ready to submit your photos, head over to their sales page to submit your best three photos – be sure to have a good mix of photo types, and the best quality.

Good luck!

ImageCollect submission page and FAQ page

I was all excited when I got into ImageCollect, a website of celebrity photos, but I haven’t had much luck with them, probably because my celebrity list isn’t all that… Someday I’ll get a real biggie and maybe then things will turnaround for me. You can check out their most popular photos and you’ll see that nice close up photos are best.

Their FAQ page tells you a bit more about what they are looking for, including detailed guidelines as to how to caption your celebrity photos.

If you have that celebrity photo you can head over to their registration page to get started.

Good luck!

Alamy submission page and resources page

Alamy is the eleventh stock photo website I got into, in 2013, and I have yet to make a payout, but when a photo sells the commission is significant, plus they’re very easy to add to so I keep at it.

Read their excellent Resources page, with submission guidelines and even Photoshop tutorials! Then check out some of their featured photographers.

Once you are ready to submit your photos, head over to their How to Sell Your Images page and you’re ready to go!

Veer submission page and guidelines

Veer is the tenth stock photo website I got into, as part of that spurt in 2012. It has been a bit of a dud and they take forever to get back to you on acceptances, or maybe just me because I’m not a big moneymaker for them… It’s interesting to see what my most popular images are in each of the sites, there are big differences from site to site…

Read their Photographer Guidelines, with good philosophies for good stock photography.

Once you are ready to submit your photos, head over to their contributor page and you’re ready to go!

Panthermedia submission page and quality standards

Panthermedia is the ninth stock photo website I got into, also in 2012. I had nothing for a while, then an exciting sale of $12 that I thought was the start of something big, but since then not much. Their top photos page seem to include a lot of landscapes, so you nature lovers, give this one a shot.

Read their Quality Standards page, with many details as to what makes for a good stock photo

When you are ready to submit your photos, head over to their sales page and you’re ready to go! If you use this link I get a referral bonus and the pleasure of watching your progress! Thanks.