Current stock photo submission websites

I noticed in preparing for my talk about stock photography on October 16 that some of the contributor links in the older articles are out of date, so I’ve included all current contributor links below, with my biggest sellers in bold:

The Shutterstock include a referral code, which means that if you get in I get a small fee for the first few photos you sell. It doesn’t come out of your money, it’s an extra thank you to me for having referred you. I appreciate the support!


iStockphoto submission page and training manual

It took me years of trying before I finally got into iStockphoto, but it was definitely worth it! They currently make up 28 % of my monthly sales.

Read their training manual very carefully and heed it. Then get inspired by their most downloaded photos. I wrote “inspired” on purpose, don’t be intimidated, everyone started out not knowing how to do this, and take one step at a time…

Be very careful about the photos you submit. If you don’t get in at first they might make you wait a month to try again, and if that doesn’t work, the wait to try again could be a year! I got two year-long waits before I got in! After that just about all the photos that got into Shutterstock got into iStockphoto. iStockphoto also generates lots of sales from their partner pages, which just boosts your income, awesome.

When you are ready to submit your photos, head over to their sales page to submit your best three photos – be sure to have a good mix of photo types, and the best quality.

Good luck!