Current stock photo submission websites

I noticed in preparing for my talk about stock photography on October 16 that some of the contributor links in the older articles are out of date, so I’ve included all current contributor links below, with my biggest sellers in bold:

The Shutterstock include a referral code, which means that if you get in I get a small fee for the first few photos you sell. It doesn’t come out of your money, it’s an extra thank you to me for having referred you. I appreciate the support!


Can Stock Photo submission page and guidelines

Can Stock Photo is the sixth stock photo website I got into, in 2012, when I decided to take the stock photo business to the next level. Not a huge income source, but it’s one of the easiest and quickest submission processes so I figure I may as well. Maybe your style will suit them better, and maybe in the future I’ll try some new styles that are more appealing to them.

Read more about them here, and get a sense of what sells by looking at their recent downloads.

When you are ready to submit photos if you would register and start submitting! It doesn’t cost you anything and I get a referral bonus and the pleasure of watching your progress! Thanks.