From Picture Correct – 9 Essential Compositions Rules for New Photographers

So I’m remembering why I don’t do much photography done during the school year, I always forget how long the weeks are!

BUT…  I got this great link to some composition ideas – some of the usual ones but also some new ones that I know I’ll want to remember:

1. Rule of thirds

2. Leading lines

3. Diagonals

4. Framing

5. Figure to ground

6. Fill the frame

7. Center the dominant eye

8. Patterns & repetition

9. Symmetry

Intrigued?  Check it out here, and take the time to view the video, MANY more examples beyond the one shown in the article – lovely photographs!


From PictureCorrect – Seven Tips for Sharper Photos

PictureCorrect has a great article with 7 starter tips for sharper photos. It goes into detail into:

1. Tripod

2. Cable release or remote

3. Self-timer

4. Mirror lock-up

5. Use your lens’ sharpest aperture

6. ISO

7. Image stabilization

You can read the whole article here .

In my case I started by using my monopod, with image stabilization off, which was a tremendous help in getting sharp photos.  Later I realized that I was getting better at having a steady hand when taking photos handheld, and I started adjusting the shutter speed to go for sharper photos.  I’d start at the inverse of the focal length, so if I was shooting at 100 mm I’d start at 1/100 sec, then adjust depending on whether I was shooting a moving (so faster shutter speed) or stable (no need to push the shutter speed) object.

When I started taking stock photos the goal of focus at 100% magnification, which is the requirement for many stock photo agencies, was daunting, but now I get it “tack-sharp” most of the time hand-held. It was a matter of getting out there and shooting lots of photographs, first with tripod and cable release, etc. , then monopod, now handheld… Remember I’ve been taking photos seriously for a number of years, got my first DLSR 10 years ago, take it one step at a time, and master your camera as you need to…

From PictureCorrect – How to Avoid The Most Common Photography Mistakes

Click here for details on avoiding 15 most common photography mistakes, along these areas:

1. Light and shadow
2. Location
3. Focus
4. Aperture
5. Composition
6. Framing
7. Flash
8. Shutter speed
9. Camera basics
10. Trying to shoot at night without a tripod
11. Attention
12. Backgrounds
13. Shooting
14. Creativity
15. Horizons


Great advice!

From PictureCorrect – Eight Worst Habit of Beginning Photographers

Another great list, this one from PictureCorrect, of what not to do:

BAD HABIT #1: SHOOTING IN BRIGHT DAYLIGHT (need to avoid harsh shadows)
BAD HABIT #2: SHOOTING JPEG (though I do it…)
BAD HABIT #3: CENTERING THE SUBJECT (reminder of rule of thirds)
BAD HABIT #4: SHOOTING FROM EYE HEIGHT (so many angles you miss out this way)
BAD HABIT #5: IGNORING THE BACKGROUND (you saw this in my 4th of July entry)
BAD HABIT #6: TAKING COMMONPLACE SHOTS (that’s been fun, getting creative)
BAD HABIT #7: HAND-HOLDING EVERY SHOT (though I’m learning to get away with it)
BAD HABIT #8: TAKING ONE SHOT (definitely, don’t take the shot, make the shot)

Check out the details at PictureCorrect.