From PictureCorrect – Eight Worst Habit of Beginning Photographers

Another great list, this one from PictureCorrect, of what not to do:

BAD HABIT #1: SHOOTING IN BRIGHT DAYLIGHT (need to avoid harsh shadows)
BAD HABIT #2: SHOOTING JPEG (though I do it…)
BAD HABIT #3: CENTERING THE SUBJECT (reminder of rule of thirds)
BAD HABIT #4: SHOOTING FROM EYE HEIGHT (so many angles you miss out this way)
BAD HABIT #5: IGNORING THE BACKGROUND (you saw this in my 4th of July entry)
BAD HABIT #6: TAKING COMMONPLACE SHOTS (that’s been fun, getting creative)
BAD HABIT #7: HAND-HOLDING EVERY SHOT (though I’m learning to get away with it)
BAD HABIT #8: TAKING ONE SHOT (definitely, don’t take the shot, make the shot)

Check out the details at PictureCorrect.


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