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So…. How do you back up your photos?

So I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been dealing with recovery after my hard drive died a few weeks ago… Yes, my whole business, all thousands of photographs, gone… Which would be very sad if it were not for my back-ups! :) I had used Time Machine in the past to back-up my … Continue reading

From DPS – Digital Photo Editing Workflow – Better Images From Capture to Output

Just read a great summary in Digital Photography School of the complete process from the time you take the picture to the final photo. They discuss these steps: Capture – Composition, lighting, exposure, focus Pretty happy with my focus, work to do re. exposure, always learning Import – Storage, file naming, database, backups I used … Continue reading

From DPS – Top 10 Mistakes that Cause Blurry Photos

While we’re on the theme of avoiding blurry photos, here ‘s another article I think you’ll find quite useful. The causes they focus on are: 1. Your shutter speed is too slow 2. Not using a tripod 3. Bad camera holding technique 4. Your aperture is too wide 5. Not using autofocus 6. Not focusing … Continue reading

From PictureCorrect – Seven Tips for Sharper Photos

PictureCorrect has a great article with 7 starter tips for sharper photos. It goes into detail into: 1. Tripod 2. Cable release or remote 3. Self-timer 4. Mirror lock-up 5. Use your lens’ sharpest aperture 6. ISO 7. Image stabilization You can read the whole article here . In my case I started by using my … Continue reading

From PictureCorrect – How to Avoid The Most Common Photography Mistakes

Click here for details on avoiding 15 most common photography mistakes, along these areas: 1. Light and shadow 2. Location 3. Focus 4. Aperture 5. Composition 6. Framing 7. Flash 8. Shutter speed 9. Camera basics 10. Trying to shoot at night without a tripod 11. Attention 12. Backgrounds 13. Shooting 14. Creativity 15. Horizons   … Continue reading

From Digital Camera World – 24 of their most popular photography cheat sheets

Get quick access to lots of useful tips to improve your photos, from the cheat sheets of Digital Camera World, with credit to my sister for passing me the link. They include: 1. 54 portrait ideas: Free downloadable posting guide 2. 6 simple lighting set-ups for shooting portraits at home 3. Free f-stop chart: Master … Continue reading

From DPS – Ten go to editing tips for using photoshop

From the folks at Digital Photography School, some quick photoshop tools that might save you lots of time. They discuss: 1. Duplicating layer masks for other adjustment layers 2. Adding a curve adjustment layer with a difference 3. Dodge and burn 4. Layer comps 5. Stamp visible 6. The “place” command 7. Patch tool 8. … Continue reading

From DPS – How to Master Your DLSR in One Afternoon

Digital Photography School has another great article for beginners, this one gives an introduction to ISO Aperture Shutter Speed These are the three components that determine how much light gets into your camera, and discusses each component’s effect on other factors such as focus area, noise, and focus, with good examples. Read it here

From PictureCorrect – Eight Worst Habit of Beginning Photographers

Another great list, this one from PictureCorrect, of what not to do: BAD HABIT #1: SHOOTING IN BRIGHT DAYLIGHT (need to avoid harsh shadows) BAD HABIT #2: SHOOTING JPEG (though I do it…) BAD HABIT #3: CENTERING THE SUBJECT (reminder of rule of thirds) BAD HABIT #4: SHOOTING FROM EYE HEIGHT (so many angles you … Continue reading

From DPS – 5 Photoshop Tools to Take Your Images From Good to Great

From the folks at Digital Photography School, 5 very quick and easy to understand tools that will get your photographs that “pop”. They discuss the following tools: – Shadow and Highlights – Levels – Color balance – Hue and saturation – Vibrance which are pretty much the tools I use most of the time. Check … Continue reading

From DPS – Learning about ISO, shutter speed, aperture, aka the Exposure Triangle

I mentioned Digital Photography School as an excellent resource for tutorials. They recently celebrated their 8th anniversary and posted their 15 most popular tutorials. Three of these are some great tutorials about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, which are the three settings that determine how sensitive the camera is to light (ISO), how long your … Continue reading

Need Help with your Macro or Business? Get Mike Moats’ e-books

Originally posted on Mike Moats:
Daily Macro View ____________________________________________________________________ Need help improving your macro skills, or looking to make a little money with your photography, check out my e-books. ? Creating Art With Macro – $14.95 click here ? 70 Tips for Making Money as a Nature Photographer – $4.99 click here ___________________________________________________________________

Review – Mike Moats Macro Bootcamp

I recently attended Mike Moats Macro Bootcamp. It was everything I hoped it would be. A tell-it-like-it-is description of how he takes his wonderful photographs, to the level of detail that you can do it yourself. He covered lenses, accessories, camera details, the keys to flower and critter photographs, what buyers want, taking photographs at … Continue reading

Beware of copyrights and trademarks

When you shoot a non-editorial stock photo you have to be very careful to not have any copyrighted or trademarked objects in your photos. That means no logos on clothes, no easily identifiable copyrighted buildings. I was going to write more about copyright but I noticed this great entry at Media Bakery Design that does … Continue reading

Review – Ten Mistakes you are Making with your Photography

Lynford Morton is a photography coach who runs photography workshops in Washington, DC. You can download a very useful booklet from his website that reminds you of typical mistakes we can make when we are not thinking through our photographs. I encourage you to download it and review it from time to time to check … Continue reading

Review – National Geographic photography video courses

Many of us dream of becoming National Geographic photographers one day so what better resource than an actual National Geo photographer! I have considered attending a National Geographic photography workshop, but they are beyond my current budget and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to absorb that much information that quickly. So I was … Continue reading

Getting focus at 100% magnification

When I first started taking photographs the idea of having photos in focus at 100% magnification seemed impossible – but clearly it’s possible now… :) Some suggestions: To check whether your photo is in focus at 100% in iPhoto, view your photo full screen and press “1” – it will magnify your photograph to 100%, … Continue reading

Review – Digital Photography School

I signed up for Digital Photography School’s tips and tutorials‘s RSS feed and I love getting their tips every day. Sometimes they might not be about something I’m interested in, like HDR, but more often than not I learn something from each, and on days that I don’t have time to focus on photography I … Continue reading

Review – Lynda.com photography and Photoshop courses

I find lynda.com courses tremendous resources to learn Photoshop and improve my photography. It costs $25/month, so I just subscribe for a couple months each summer, when I have more time to devote to it. Courses I’ve taken the past four summers include: – Shooting with the Nikon D7000 – Ben Long is just the … Continue reading

Review – Shutterstock forums

One way I learned what made for a successful stock photo was to read many year’s worth of Shutterstock critique forums. I just read one after another after another and found a generous community of photographers who will give you suggestions about how to improve your photos to get accepted into photography sites. At first … Continue reading

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