Review – photography and Photoshop courses

I find courses tremendous resources to learn Photoshop and improve my photography. It costs $25/month, so I just subscribe for a couple months each summer, when I have more time to devote to it. Courses I’ve taken the past four summers include:

Shooting with the Nikon D7000 – Ben Long is just the best at patiently walking you through every single button in your camera to teach you how to get the most out of your camera. I started with a Nikon D40, a 6MP camera, and after I got more serious about stock photography moved up to the D7000 to have a 16MP pixel camera, so I could have more flexibility with my photos, knowing I could crop them and still have photos large enough to be accepted into stock photo sites.

Foundations of photography: Composition – Ben Long does a great job of teaching everything you need to know about composition – perspective, symmetry, rule of thirds, photographing people, landscapes, with terrific examples and assignments.

Foundations of photography: Exposure – Ben Long again, teaching you about the effect of shutter speed, f-stops, aperture, light balance, in an easy to understand style.

Photoshop Top 40 – Deke McClelland starts you off with a great set of essential tools within Photoshop. I go back to it as a refresher.

Photoshop CS4: Image Adjustments in Depth – After taking a Photoshop CS4 workshop, this more in-depth set of sessions from Jan Kabili takes you to the next level with easy to understand tutorials.

Photoshop CS6 Essential Training – A very detailed introduction to CS6 by Julieanne Kost, teaches you about layers, masks, retouching, filters – lots to learn here. I’ll probably refresh my memory with this class this summer.

I have not been disappointed in any of’s offerings. They have knowledgeable, easy to understand, patient instructors that are a pleasure to learn from.


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