Review – National Geographic photography video courses

Many of us dream of becoming National Geographic photographers one day so what better resource than an actual National Geo photographer! I have considered attending a National Geographic photography workshop, but they are beyond my current budget and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to absorb that much information that quickly. So I was delighted when I found National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore’s video courses!

The set of “Fundamentals of Photography” and “The Art of Travel Photography: Six Expert Lessons” is currently on sale for $90, and well worth the investment. Fundamentals of Photography has twelve hours of video covering basics of equipment, camera setting, light, composition, plus specific advice for different kinds of photography. He takes you on the field and shows you how he thinks through and composes photographs. He also comes with a 150 page PDF guidebook that summarizes the lessons and his advice. I can already see an improvement in my thinking as a photographer from watching these videos. The Art of Travel Photography is composed of five hours of densely packed information that takes you along on some of his trips and gives you lots of information to improve your photography, plus an assignment with each lesson to get you started.

Mr. Sartore is very easy going, and makes his point with great examples of real photos he has taken both professionally and personally. He has many “in the field” examples where he shows you how he sets up a photograph, and how he improves on it. Remember that motto, “don’t take the shot, make the shot”. Mr. Sartore will show you how to do that.


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