Uploading your photos to stock photo websites

When you first get start you might not be comfortable with accessing your photography information, so you’ll probably upload your jpeg photo through the website’s photo loader and then enter the description, title, key words, etc. through the stock photo website itself – at least that’s how I started.

As I got more comfortable I started using a photo editor to include all the photo information within the photo file itself. Wish I’d done it sooner! It saved me loads of time because I don’t have to add all that information myself for each site, it’s part of the photo file and magically shows up when I upload the photo.

I also used to upload using the stock website’s uploaders, which sometimes can be somewhat tedious. Then I started getting more comfortable using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload my photos in batches rather than individually, as you still have to do in some sites. I have found cyberduck to be a very easy to use FTP client that allows me to bookmark my sites’ FTP upload pages, including username and sometimes password, so uploading batches of photos is as easy as opening the bookmarked page and dragging the photos to the uploader.

Again, one step at a time, but trying to stay ahead of you to make your path a bit easier.

Best wishes!


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