Monthly reflections – March 2015

March brought some excitement – I sold my first framed photograph!  As for the stock photo website, logos are still selling very well, as well as Detroit and Indianapolis photographs – That Detroit photo day really paid off, as well as the extra time taking some photos while I was in Indianapolis for work:

Shutterstock March 2015

I bought that 50 mm lens, but I haven’t had a chance to play with it, the day job is just too crazy busy. I followed up a bit on that proposal to the coffeehouse for the photo exhibit, but no luck yet, I’ll have to work on that later… The great thing with stock photography is that the money keeps coming even when you don’t work.

Looking ahead, I’ll be going to Iceland for an energy program in June, and staying a few extra days for travel, so looking forward to getting some great stock photos then, now trying to learn some Icelandic…  góðan daginn…

Best wishes in your April photography adventures,



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