Milestone – Sold my first framed photograph!

Very excited, last week I sold my first framed photograph!  One of my colleagues had seen the photo at the Car Details exhibit and loved it, and he and his wife asked about it at a departmental event we were all at. I happened to still have the photos in my van from the exhibit…

Yes, I’ve been carrying them in the back of my van all this time, not sure where to put them at home, but hey, it was all for the best, because they bought it that night. for their vacation condo. I’m thrilled, my first sale of a framed photograph! I was all sorts of giggly when I deposited the money to my Susan Montgomery Photos account at the Credit Union…  Exciting to think that it will be on someone’s wall…

If you’re curious, this is the photo that sold:


… as always, best wishes to you on your photography adventures…



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