Monthly reflections February-April 2016

Well, so it’s been a couple months since I last blogged in mid-March, just noticed I didn’t even post a Monthly Reflections from February, so some catching up to do…

What I realized around the end of March was that I was stretching myself too thin, and something had to go, and this blog was feeling more like an obligation than a positive experience, so I took a break from it. Not that I was not involved in photography – here’s a summary of what I was up to during that time and links to those entries:

  • In February I got an Honorable mention for Alone at the BluePrint magazine exhibit :)
  • In March Big Blue was accepted for the Ann Arbor Women Artists’ Spring 2016 Juried Show – I always learn so much from the artists I meet through that.
  • Also in March I found out that my car photos were accepted by the Ann Arbor Women Artists’ for an exhibit at a local coffeehouse...
  • I had another photo day in Detroit in February and one in Lansing in March, needed time away from the craziness.  Processed the Detroit ones but not the Lansing ones yet, I’ll post links when I write these up…
  • Took some photography courses recently , including
    • Street Photography: Posed Portraiture (1 hr 14 min)
    • Street Photography: Two Hours in a Neighborhood (23 min) 
    • Photography: Portrait of a City Neighborhood (1 hr 19 min) 
    • Architectural Photography in Chicago (2hr 23 min) 

I also submitted a few proposals for future exhibits, we’ll see how those do:

  • I submitted 15 photos of Iceland to the  University of Michigan Gifts of Arts program – I’ll find out mid-June. I had submitted the Car Details photos in 2014 with no luck, but they were very positive in their feedback, so maybe this more unique exhibit will make it in.
  • I submitted Alone and Ice On Black from the BluePrint magazine exhibit to a Black and White exhibit at the Riverside Arts Center in Ypsilanti, will find out mid-July.

So great that there is so much support for artists around here with these opportunities.

As for the stock photos, let’s take a look:

Chronologically a few more photos from the Detroit Photo Day and some stock photos around town, I’m up to 1451 images – reminds me that I had intended to hit 1,500 by end of summer, oh well, I keep at it…

Shutterstock April 2016 new

As for popular ones, Detroit photos keep doing very well, great to see that, and the logo photos always solid moneymakers

Shutterstock April 2016 popular

Now that I’ve been updating the blog I realize of course that each entry would not have taken me that much time, it’s more that mentally there is only so much I can “carry” at a time.  Something to work on, to not make it like such a huge deal, to realize it would take only a few minutes to post an update and not have it carry so much bandwidth in my head that it feels like a burden…  but in the meantime I’m glad I took a mental break, and I come back to it refreshed…

Best wishes in your photography adventures,



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