Monthly reflections – November 2015

Into December already, school  semester flying by and no time to do much with stock photography, but plan to over break.  Not that I didn’t take any photos, lots of departmental events to take photos for, and students seem to appreciate having photos they can post.

Waiting to hear if my Iceland photos made the College literary magazine, I guess I’m not the only one way too busy… You can see old editions of Blueprint magazine here.

Attended a holiday artisan market and was delighted to see one of our doctoral students selling his photos. He and others seem to have many matted but unframed photos, that seems the best balance of investment vs. sales, will have to keep that in mind if I decide to go the craft fair way. Have always hesitated – how do you decide how many of each photo to take, what size to use?  One seller has notecards with her photos on it, that seemed like a reasonable alternative to try… Maybe some day…

The good thing about stock photography is that even if you have a busy month and don’t post anything the money still comes in, yey…

Shutterstock November popular

Logos still popular, and you see some of the England photos making an appearance as well, which was nice to see…

Best wishes in your photography adventures over the holidays,




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