Monthly Reflections – May 2015

Finally in May we got some photography action, yey! The day job had more loose ends to tie up than I remembered, but I did have/made some time for photography.

I went to Holland, MI to take photos at the Tulip Time festival. I started to process some of the logo photos but was quite disappointed when all 15 photos in the first set I submitted were turned down.  After a few days of feeling bad that I must have lost my touch, or standards must have gotten stricter, what was the point, what was I thinking thinking I was a good photographer, etc. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and gave it another shot, and got a whole slew of photos accepted, whew!  Finally broke past the 1091 photos I’ve had on Shutterstock for the past 8 months with 82 new photos approved…

Here are the most recent ones:

Shutterstock May 2015 new

and the most popular ones:

Shutterstock May 2015

June seems promising. I have a week off from my day job this coming week, when I’ll be celebrating the first year anniversary of this blog, as well as taking photos and processing lots of logo photos I took Fall and Christmas break. Mid-June I have that work trip to Iceland, so I plan to get lots of good shots there too, I can’t wait…

Best wishes on YOUR photography adventures,



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