Year in Review – Looking back on 2014, with many thanks…

So the end of 2014 is here, good chance to reflect… Some things I’m proud of:

– Creating this blog this summer and continuing to post fairly regularly.
– Reaching 1,000 photos on my Shutterstock site by the end of the summer.
– Attending Mike Moats micro photography workshop, I’d held on to the workshop pamphlet I picked up from his Ann Arbor Art Fair booth for years waiting for one to take place near me during the summer and to feel “worthy” … I learned so much from him, and glad I can keep learning through his posts.
– Learning from other WordPress photographers, particularly Lianne Cole, Simon Bowler, Mark Simms and the incredibly prolific Amy Saab , all tremendous role models to me – Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!
– Having my first solo exhibit, It’s In The Detailsabout car details, and also being selected for the Letters and Leaves exhibit at the local botanical garden.
– Starting the logo photography project, I’ve had such fun with that, AND it’s been a big money maker!
– Creating a gallery on Fine Art America to sell prints of my photos, curious how that will go.

I look forward to seeing just what 2015 brings, might just purchase that 50 mm lens I’ve had my eyes on for a while, would love to have a print sale… I know that one way or the other I’ll grow as a photographer, learning from the many outstanding photographers I’ve met and sharing my experiences with those interested in photography…

Best wishes to you in your 2015 photography adventures,



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