Monthly reflections – December 2014

Not many new photos since November Monthly Reflections and my day job kept me quite busy, so mostly basking in the glow…

The It’s in the details solo exhibit wrapped up. No sales, but many kind words, and now I have the set I can look at other places to exhibit them, we’ll see…

The Matthaei Botanical Gardens’ Letters & Leaves – Nature As Inspiration for Poetry exhibit came off well, we went to see it and the ivy photo holds its own among the other photos. Some of the poems are quite good, too, proud to be a part of that.

Now that I have a bit of vacation I am taking some photos, just yesterday boyfriend and I spent the day in Detroit, and this morning we went on a logo hunting expedition, so I’ll be adding to the Shutterstock collection soon. Time to think about an end of the year wrap-up, hmm…


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