Making labels for a photography exhibit

So you might recall that my photos got accepted for a solo exhibit. In preparation for it I made labels for each framed photograph. I looked around for ideas and ended up choosing to print them on 3 x 5 unlined cards, perfect size to fit the information I needed.


Name of piece
Detailed name
year, H x W inches (note that it’s height x width)

Description of piece (optional)

Your name
Contact info, website                           Price

I designed them in Microsoft Word, and set the paper size to 3″ x 5″ and just printed them on the 3×5 cards, easy peasy, didn’t have to worry about cutting them uniformly. I printed another set on regular paper, two to a page, to tape the description to the back of each piece.

We then put them on the wall with UHU Tac Removable Adhesive Putty Tabs, some on each top corner. I had printed an extra set of cards just in case, but didn’t end up needing them – better safe than sorry…


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