Milestone – Paris Locks accepted to AAWA Summer 2017 Juried show

I was thrilled that “Paris Locks” was recently accepted to the Ann Arbor Women Artists‘ Summer 2017 juried show:

Paris locks 18x12

… and for the first time part of my photo was even included in the advertising postcard:

riverside_2017_summer (1)


We were told that they received 120 entries, of which 64 were accepted.The AAWA selections are particularly meaningful to me because the judge is a working artist, so to have one of my photographs recognized by a working artist sure helps with the Impostor Syndrome concerns.

… and with that I think I’m all caught up on what has been happening with my photography, whew, nice to not have that backlog!

Best wishes on YOUR photography adventures,



2 thoughts on “Milestone – Paris Locks accepted to AAWA Summer 2017 Juried show

  1. That’s awesome! I thought those locks look so odd upon first seeing them. There’s so many that it looks like normal bronze colored wall from a distance. I didn’t realize till I was up close what they were. I really like how the central lock really draws your eye in your picture.


    1. Thanks! I spent quite a bit of time getting just the right shot, with that special one in the middle and some colorful red and blue ones on the sides for variety. As one of my teachers said “as a photographer you don’t just take the shot, you make the shot”. Have fun with your photography!


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