Monthly reflections – May 2016

As in May 2015, day job took longer than I recalled, but did have a great week-end in Chicago that included some photography, so I’ll be writing about that soon.  I did find some logo photos I didn’t finish processing, plus the Lansing photos. So here are the most recent photos in my Shutterstock page, which now has 1,492 photos, tantalizingly close to 1,500…  :

Shutterstock May 2016 new

Based on popularity, here’s what it looks like:

Shutterstock May 2016 popular.jpg

Detroit wins again!  Have tried to get more photos of the Tesla charging lot with cars in it, but it’s usually crappy weather, or a bad angle, I’ll keep trying.  Another Detroit photo day might be warranted, and of course there are always more logo photos to take…

Best wishes on your photography adventures,



3 thoughts on “Monthly reflections – May 2016

    1. For non-editorial photos you are absolutely correct, Palitha, you can’t have logos or trademarks. However, I submit the logo shots as editorial photos, which works out fine since those using them are likely using them for news articles about the companies, so they fit editorial criteria. I wrote about logo shots a couple years ago, at
      Thanks for the chance to clarify this, Palitha!


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