Milestone – Five thousand hits!

Thanks in large part to the visitors who stopped by after reading my stock travel photo article in Digital Photography School, reached 5,000 hits! I started the blog in June 2014, hit 1,000 hits in August 2014, then things slowed down as I was not able to do as much due to the demands of my day job, but trying to make up for that more recently, so glad to see it’s paying off!

I am pleased that the articles I have written to encourage others to try stock photography and pursue their own photo adventures are getting some extra visibility.  Tonight (Friday 23rd, it’s a late night…) was also the day of the reception for the Ann Arbor Women Artists’ juried art show two of my photos got accepted for, so overall a great day from a photo perspective…

Thank YOU very much for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, thoughts, ideas…

Best wishes in your photography adventures,



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