Monthly Reflections – July 2015

And now we’re into August, hope your summers are going well!

Just returned from a family trip to England, took a few photos, though also realized in trying to submit photos of the Underground strike quickly due to their timeliness that somewhere toward the end of the Iceland trip I set my photo size to 4 MP vs. the usual 16 MP, so lots of photos I took since then (4th of July, a few in Toronto, half of the ones in England) won’t be large enough for Shutterstock, bummer.  I had switched to small photos for that one photo ’cause it was for my sister and not for stock and I didn’t want to have to resize it…  and after the end of taking that one photo I got distracted and didn’t set it back and since I haven’t submitted any photos to Shutterstock lately I didn’t notice it – thank goodness I don’t depend on stock for my livelihood…  I had a bit of negative “and you call yourself a photographer…”  thinking, but only for a few minutes, I know now to have a little cry and move on, spending any more time on that is just a waste of energy…  So focus on lesson learned: From now all all large photos all the time, not taking a chance on that again…

I did submit a handful photos to Shutterstock, so I’m up to 1320 images. I made some progress on the Iceland photos, selected over 100 of them for stock- about 80 of which are large enough for Shutterstock, whew! Now to find the time to finish getting them ready and submitting them…

So here are the most recent photos on Shutterstock, with the few extra logos:

Shutterstock July 2015 new

And the most popular photos as of this month, as always the logos dominate. With Planned Parenthood in the news I got lots of downloads of that one, and I see a few from the Holland photo shoot as well, great!

Shutterstock July 2015 popular

So planning on lots of uploading in August…  In the meantime, best wishes on your photography adventures.



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