Monthly reflections – February 2015

So… February….

The good news – A record month for both Shutterstock and iStockphotos and a by far record month for stock photo sales overall, yey!

Too busy with regular work and life happenings (tailbone owies take a lot longer to heal when you’re almost 50, and RIP Aten the cat…) to process photos but I did submit a proposal to a local coffeehouse to see if they might be interested in exhibiting the car details photos – cross your fingers…

It occurred to me it might be interesting to take a screenshot of my Shutterstock page each month to see how the most popular photos change over time. At the end of February 2015 I’m at 1091 images, and the most popular photos include many Detroit photographs as well as those store logos that have really paid off!  Some of the post-it note themed images did well too, hmmm…

Shutterstock February 2015

Looking ahead to March, every reason to think I can finally process those logo photos I took over the holidays, let’s see…

I wish you the best in your March photography adventures,



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