Monthly reflections – January 2015

So January was mostly about recovering the files in my hard drive. Carbonite took about 20 minutes per Photoshop file, and I have thousands of them, yikes…  Maybe should have just left them on the cloud….

I did have this fun three-day project over school break in early January when I took over 400 photos of logos and storefronts on Ford Rd in Canton nearby, this strip of bunches of national stores – my kind of fun, and now have plenty of photos to clean up and submit in this slow winter season…

Since then work got busy, I caught a bad cold/sore throat etc that wiped me out, then I literally wiped out on Monday, slipping on ice and falling flat on my back on ice/snow earlier this week, owie owie owie…

Glad to leave January behind, that’s all I can say.  A few more days and I should be back, with a healthy hard drive and healthy body and ready to spend evenings cleaning up photos…

I wish you the best in your February photography adventures,



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