Starter sites about stock photography to get the ball rolling

Are people telling you they like your photos and you think you might want to sell them? Consider stock photography, it’s been a fun hobby for me that slowly became more of a business for me. Check these great websites to get a general idea of how to get started:

Digital Photography School’s Shooting for Stock Photography Sites

WikiHow’s Shoot Stock Photography page

WikiHow’s Sell Stock Photography page

Lightstalking Stock Photography page 10 Tips How to Get Accepted by Shutterstock

Check these websites, and if you’re ready to go, read the next entries for more details of my path and how you too can become a stock photographer, and don’t intimidated. It was a very long process for me, starting in 2008, just take it one small step at a time, conquer each step as you go, don’t feel you have to know how to do everything right away. I knew close to nothing about photography and certainly nothing about stock photography when I started, so you can do it too.

Best wishes with your own adventures.


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