From Digital Camera World – 24 of their most popular photography cheat sheets

Get quick access to lots of useful tips to improve your photos, from the cheat sheets of Digital Camera World, with credit to my sister for passing me the link. They include:

1. 54 portrait ideas: Free downloadable posting guide
2. 6 simple lighting set-ups for shooting portraits at home
3. Free f-stop chart: Master your aperture
4. Free family portrait photography cheat sheet
5. How to use a histogram – photography cheat sheet for achieving perfect exposure
6. Portrait photography cropping guide
7. Free wedding photography cheat sheet
8. Understanding the color temperature scale: Free photography cheat sheet
9. Free portrait lighting cheat sheet
10 Metering mode cheat sheet: how they work and when to use them
11. How to pose for photos: Find the most flattering angles for you and your subjects
12. What is exposure compensation: Free cheat sheet for photographers
13. Full-frame sensor size explained: How to exploit its advantages for pro-quality pictures.
14. How to calculate hyperfocal distance: Free photography cheat sheet
15. What is ISO: Camera sensitivity setting (and the best ways to use them)
16. Free night photography exposure guide: Best camera settings for popular subjects
17. Home studio setup: 6 things every photographer needs
18. Best shutter speeds for every situation
19. Using apertures: When to go small and when to go wide
20. What is flash sync? Your flash modes and when to use them
21. Autofocus point options: What subjects should each be used with
22. What your camera captures at every focal length
23. 3 ways you can affect depth of field: Photography cheat sheet
24. The landscape’s greatest challenges: Free photography cheat sheet

Check them out here , and share your own tips in the comments section below.

From Shutterstock – Protecting Your Content

Shutterstock has just published an excellent guide to protecting your intellectual content. They address:

Editorial images

A great way to quickly get up to speed on these terms and protect your intellectual content. Download your copy here

From DPS – Ten go to editing tips for using photoshop

From the folks at Digital Photography School, some quick photoshop tools that might save you lots of time. They discuss:

1. Duplicating layer masks for other adjustment layers

2. Adding a curve adjustment layer with a difference

3. Dodge and burn

4. Layer comps

5. Stamp visible

6. The “place” command

7. Patch tool

8. CMD+T or Transform

9. CMD+T+Warp tool

10. Opening second window for the same document

Learn more about how they use these time saving tools here and share your favorite photoshop tips in the comments section below.