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Glad you stopped by!

Hi, glad you stopped by! Check the About page for some background and a little tour around the categories, check out the photo gallery, or read the most recent posts. Hope you find some useful information to help you with your photography adventures! Susan Advertisements

Uploading your photos to stock photo websites

When you first get start you might not be comfortable with accessing your photography information, so you’ll probably upload your jpeg photo through the website’s photo loader and then enter the description, title, key words, etc. through the stock photo website itself – at least that’s how I started. As I got more comfortable I … Continue reading

Beware of copyrights and trademarks

When you shoot a non-editorial stock photo you have to be very careful to not have any copyrighted or trademarked objects in your photos. That means no logos on clothes, no easily identifiable copyrighted buildings. I was going to write more about copyright but I noticed this great entry at Media Bakery Design that does … Continue reading

iStockphoto submission page and training manual

It took me years of trying before I finally got into iStockphoto, but it was definitely worth it! They currently make up 28 % of my monthly sales. Read their training manual very carefully and heed it. Then get inspired by their most downloaded photos. I wrote “inspired” on purpose, don’t be intimidated, everyone started … Continue reading

ImageCollect submission page and FAQ page

I was all excited when I got into ImageCollect, a website of celebrity photos, but I haven’t had much luck with them, probably because my celebrity list isn’t all that… Someday I’ll get a real biggie and maybe then things will turnaround for me. You can check out their most popular photos and you’ll see … Continue reading

Alamy submission page and resources page

Alamy is the eleventh stock photo website I got into, in 2013, and I have yet to make a payout, but when a photo sells the commission is significant, plus they’re very easy to add to so I keep at it. Read their excellent Resources page, with submission guidelines and even Photoshop tutorials! Then check … Continue reading

Veer submission page and guidelines

Veer is the tenth stock photo website I got into, as part of that spurt in 2012. It has been a bit of a dud and they take forever to get back to you on acceptances, or maybe just me because I’m not a big moneymaker for them… It’s interesting to see what my most … Continue reading

Panthermedia submission page and quality standards

Panthermedia is the ninth stock photo website I got into, also in 2012. I had nothing for a while, then an exciting sale of $12 that I thought was the start of something big, but since then not much. Their top photos page seem to include a lot of landscapes, so you nature lovers, give … Continue reading

Photodune submission page and guidelines

Photodune, part of Envato Marketplaces, is the eighth stock photo website I got into, as part of that spurt in 2012. Read their Introduction to the Marketplace for Authors, which has a particularly in-depth section on copyright. Then check their top sellers. When you are ready to submit your photos, head over to their author … Continue reading

Deposit Photos submission page and tutorial

Deposit Photos, a German site, is the seventh stock photo website I got into, in 2012. They’re easy enough to add to, as long as I remember to change the language to English! Check out their tutorial, a very detailed set of guidelines of what they like to see. When you are ready to submit … Continue reading

Can Stock Photo submission page and guidelines

Can Stock Photo is the sixth stock photo website I got into, in 2012, when I decided to take the stock photo business to the next level. Not a huge income source, but it’s one of the easiest and quickest submission processes so I figure I may as well. Maybe your style will suit them … Continue reading

Learning from stock photo websites’ recommendations for contributors

Another great way to get a better sense of the expectations of stock photography sites is to check their suggestions for contributions. In Stock Photo Submission and Tutorial Pages I have an entry for each stock photo site I’m on, and within each entry I have link to that website’s suggestions for contributors. Read them … Continue reading

Big Stock Photo submission page and contributor’s page

Big Stock Photo is the fifth stock photo website I got into, in Fall 2009. Their photo submission page is one of the easiest to use. Check their contributor’s page for some great suggestions. Also check out their most popular search phrases this week. When you are ready to submit your photos, go to their … Continue reading

Fotolia submission page and general info page

Fotolia is the fourth stock photo website I got into, in Fall 2009 – not a great money maker for me, but your style might suit them better. You can find their general information page for photographers here. Look also at their best sellers for the month. When you are ready to submit your photos, … Continue reading

123RF submission page and general info page

123RF is the third stock photo website I got into, in Fall 2009 – not a great money maker for me, but your style might suit them better. Check out their FAQ page and their latest uploads. When you are ready to submit your photos, I would appreciate you using this link. It doesn’t cost … Continue reading

Dreamstime submission page and FAQ page

Dreamstime is the second page I got into, in 2009, around the same time as Shutterstock, and they currently make up about 8% of my sales. They are considered easier to get into than Shutterstock, so it might be a good starter page. Check their guidelines, you’ll see photos only have to be 3 MegaPixels … Continue reading

Shutterstock submission page and guidelines

Shutterstock is the first stock photo website I got into, in 2009, and their critique forums were very helpful in teaching me about stock photography in a supportive environment. They currently result in about half of my stock photography income. Read their guidelines carefully and follow them. Photos must be at least 4.0 Megapixels in … Continue reading

Review – Ten Mistakes you are Making with your Photography

Lynford Morton is a photography coach who runs photography workshops in Washington, DC. You can download a very useful booklet from his website that reminds you of typical mistakes we can make when we are not thinking through our photographs. I encourage you to download it and review it from time to time to check … Continue reading

Review – National Geographic photography video courses

Many of us dream of becoming National Geographic photographers one day so what better resource than an actual National Geo photographer! I have considered attending a National Geographic photography workshop, but they are beyond my current budget and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to absorb that much information that quickly. So I was … Continue reading

Getting model and property releases

Most of the most popular stock photos have people in them. You must have a model release for all identifiable people in your photos, unless you take an editorial photo. I by identifiable they pretty much mean that if there is a person they must have signed a model release… You can find sample model … Continue reading

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